I refinished my S2 594

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Feb 21, 2022
First, I am obsessed with the S2 594 (both the standard and thinline models). I love their specs, sound, and looks. There is pretty much nothing I dislike about them, except for the finish on the best S2 594 I ever bought. I shared this over at TGP, but thought it might be a good thread here as well. I hope the at-home refin does not create a mob-like reaction, haha.

I’ve got a PRS S2 594 that is a killer guitar. I love it so much, I actually bought it twice. I foolishly sold it, but the TGP member I sold it to agreed to sell it back to me. Thanks again, Rich!

Anyways, it’s an incredible guitar, but I never liked the color - Grandma Hannon Pink I think it was called. When I first purchased it, it was fairly beat up too. It had dings, chips, and very deep scratches all over.

I was pretty sure it was destined for a refin. After pricing a refin at a few different shops, I decided to do a rattle can refin myself. I’ve always loved dark olive green and went for something along those lines. I’ve done a few refins in the past and at one point could do a pretty decent job. Due to time constraints, I had pretty low expectations going into this job. I still somehow managed to surprise myself at how poorly I applied and sanded the finish. There’s plenty of orange peel and I ended up sanding through the clear and into the original finish in places. That mostly stemmed from spraying outside in too much wind, creating an uneven finish. The sanded-through areas were not intended, but I actually dig how it came out.

This is the best rock guitar I’ve ever played, and now the look and vibe reflect the music I play on it.

Feel free to share your thoughts, positive and/or negative. You won't hurt my feelings. I love the guitar even more now than I did before and that's really all that matters to me. It’s only rock and roll but I like it!



After (the color looks slightly darker in these photos than in person):







While I do not care for the original color, I wanted to preserve the serial number and pay homage to how I received the guitar. So I did the stinger on the back of the headstock and faux binding on the body.

I may add nickel pickup covers too. I think they’d look great.
How did you paint it, spray or what ?
And what type of paint ?
I sprayed it with Rustoleum Deep Forest green, then a gloss clear coat. I obviously sanded through the clear coat, and while I am disappointed in the technical aspects of the work I did on this one (I've done much better in the past with nitro lacquers and more patience), I really like how it came out. After paint, I wet sanded with 600, then 1200, then polished.
I almost never like the look of uncovered double black pickups, but here they look great. I much prefer your refin over the original one! Not sure about the reflector knobs, though. The stinger is the best!