I need your opinions my fellow forum brothers


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Jun 20, 2012
Ok here is the deal. I am in the middle of a PS build and I keep coming up with new ideas because it was a last minute thing as far as going to the factory and picking woods myself. I had already known pretty much what I wanted with it being a McCarty body with 24 frets on a honduran rosewood neck but where I am hung up now is the bridge. I'm not a tremelo guy so that is not an option but I have to choose between the standard one piece bridge ( which I can get in a Smoked Black Finish :biggrin: ) Paul's one piece bridge or a 2 piece bridge. The guitar is going to be somewhere in the blue slate color and I thought a bridge in the smoked black finish might be pretty cool but it turns out that the only one they can do that finish on is the standard one piece bridge.

So let me hear what would you pick.
Paul's one piece will definitely get you a different character than the sound you're used to if you are sensitive to those factors...

In a good way, a very good way...

I LOVE mine...
I'm a huge advocate towards the two-piece. I think that bridge is amazing. But a smoked black one piece sounds awesome. Also, it seems it will match your build well.
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Simple choice. You want looks or sound?

If it's looks, get whatever looks good to you.

If sound quality is uppermost, you probably should play the Paul's Guitar and listen to how the 2 piece works on the SC245.
I would rock the smoked black one piece. I have one piece on most all of my guitars. Admittedly I want to try the Paul's Guitar bridge but if they can't do it in your color...
ONE PIECE FIXED STOPTAIL!!!! Also, I would only go with black if all the hardware matches.
One good thing about the Paul's Bridge is that if you don't care for it later, and would prefer the other bridge, you can easily swap. Or you could go with both bridges, and switch them out depending on your mood and how they sound with the guitar!
Thanks everybody for your thoughts. Really getting excited about this build especsially since its my first. Will keep everyone updated