I have a gift card at GC....what PRS can you recommend....new or used!!

If you're into the LP style, the SE245 (24.5" scale) is a great option. Some of us are partial to the older Korean models. You can call the listing GC for the serial number to get the year and Korea vs Indo. I got 4 from GC this year and returned one in the 45 day return period. Of the three pictured I gave the one on the right as a present and still have the other two to complement a Core & S2. Awesome value "LPs" with upgraded pickups. The Bernie Marsdens are another great SE245 variant, check out @Lewguitar's collection, but they rarely show up at GC.


That soapie is yum yum! I'm with you, 245 is solid. I prefer the Korean too and would take a 245 over the 594SC. I'm not thrilled over the pattern vintage profile of the 594, and I prefer the s2 594 overall by a decent margin. I didn't see a Bernie listed, but that would be a good choice too.

I’ll three that for an SE 245. Great guitar, fun to mod, if it suits.
I would simply search GC's site for used PRS and jump on the best-condition, most under-valued-seeming one that you don't already have.
Good suggestion; I'd direct you to a SE Double cut 594. They have that Les Paul-ish short scale and sound great. That guitar melts into your boddy, it's comfy to play.Of all of my guitars, it's the one I'm most enamored with.
A close second would be my new SE Custom 24 Quilt top, if you can find one. It has an ebony fingerboard. Very easy to play as well and the Quilt look is gorgeous.
Good Luck, and hve fun shopping.