I feel the need to write a dumb song


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Jan 28, 2013
Sacramento, CA
A schoolmate of my girlfriend is married to a guy named Elmo. They live in Novato, CA (Marin). Elmo became famous with one song. And it's a song he didn't even write. He won't confirm this but it's estimated he earns $70K per year on royalties with the song and he's going after Sony right now over some unpaid royalties from ringtones they used without permission. He said its not enough money to quit his day job but it is enough to pay for his kids college tuition.
The song is:
"Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"

I feel the need to write a dumb song. Maybe we'all should collaborate on one!
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I'm presently working on my "And Then I got High" moment. I bet Afro Man was able to pay of his credit cards with that one.
I write dumb songs all the time. It's finding that magic that makes it a hit that's so elusive.

I also probably owe him a few bucks for covering that back when I was in high school. :laugh: