I don't want to sound like a fanboy, but I love this SC58!


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Mar 6, 2013
I've had a few guitars, including an extremely nice Jackson USA-made Chris Broderick 6 which I still have. But this SC58 is the first guitar I've ever had that just made me want to play. I find myself just sitting and fooling around with it because it just feels right and sounds right. It's my first PRS and I may not need to buy another one! I traded a B.C Rich custom shop for this SC58, and I'm absolutely confident that was the right move for me.

I don't want a whole bunch of guitars, just a few that I actually play. Here's a few pics.



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The SC58 is a stunning guitar in many ways.

Would have been my PRS of choice if I had the cash and they still made it.

The new SC245 is very nice though... Just like a bound board.

Congrats, it's a beauty!
Gorgeous! I love my SC58, it's a phenomenal instrument.

Then again, I AM a fanboy.
Congrats, that is one hot SC! I must agree with you, my first PRS made me set down all other brands of guitar I had. The SC58 should have the widefat/pattern carve which is just SO comfortable in hand.
That is beautiful, probably one of my favorite PRS instruments they make. Love the singlecut design.
You grabbed a nice one! I agree, the SC-58 plays and sounds fantastic. Love mine to pieces.