i can stop playing!!! Rocksmith 2014


What the gravy and cheese!!!!
Mar 30, 2013
OK, so I picked up the rocksmith game this week for the boy and found myself playing this game all weekend. I must have 7 hours logged in since Friday!!!! LOL I am really impressed with it over the first one. This thing works alot faster, smoother and uses voice commands better than my iPhone.

Tease me all you want:tongue:
Man, friend of mine (yeah, it's you Eric) told me about it 2 years ago at Experience and I bought it. I was addicted to it and really impressed how I was improving as a player because of that game.
Now I heard about the new Rocksmith... Here we go again
I have it loading on the PC now. Looking forward to playing it. Looks like a lot of fun and hopefully my playing will improve.
The game isn't that good. It is childish. The song selection is the worst. How about some Metallica, Alter bridge, or Disturbed to name a few? I really don't want to play "pour some sugar on me" That song blows.

$80 if you don't already have the tone cable. The guitar tuning is way off and there is a delay when you play. My son enjoys it though.
I really don't want to play "pour some sugar on me" That song blows.

My son enjoys it though.
My son had me go head to head score attack with him on this song 3 times. I crushed him!!!!!!!
My son installed the earlier version on my PC and his.
Have not really used it, but he has.
I noticed lag with it, and I have a very fast PC and one of Nvidias best video gaming cards.
It's input lag. I have a new Intel six-core SLI system with dual vid cards and there is still lag.
Looking forward to trying the new one. Bought the original for my son and we've had a great time playing. We have the PS3 version also and any lag isn't enough to make it unbearable.
I have both the old one and the new one also. 2014 is much improved. Yeah, the song selection isn't that great, but all those DLC songs I purchased transfer over. So there are some good songs there. I've played it maybe half an hour since it came out. Its been a busy couple of weeks. And the lag on my ps3 is definitely noticeable, but I play with my head phones on so that I don't disturb the rest of the house and so that I can't hear my awful singing!
The guitar tuning is way off and there is a delay when you play.

I'm not really experienced with, or particularly in love with, Rocksmith 2014, but I like the idea of using a real guitar lot more than playing with the plastic controllers of guitar hero. I like the direction this technology is going in, and am a fan of Rocksmith the same way I'm a fan of bicycles-for-rent on every street corner even though I never ride a bike.

That said, I think the tuning is fine. It forces you to tune your guitar every time you play a song, I think, and it tunes you to whatever that song is tuned to. A LOT of songs are not using instruments tuned to A440. Maybe that's what you're noticing?

I also had delay or latency problems on my PS3 using the HDMI-TV cable, and the delay problems were drastically improved when I used the component cables for audio from PS3-to-mixer instead of the TV. I'm using the P22's dual outputs to send the Mags to Rocksmith and the Piezo to my Kemper. The latency makes it sound like a very short slapback delay. If I'm just hearing Rocksmith, I can tell there is some latency, but it's tolerable to me. Not ideal, but tolerable.

A way bigger problem for me, I find the way the notes come at you on the screen really confusing still. I haven't been able to get used to it. I get so lost I'm just staring at the colored blips coming at me like a deer in headlights. My brain does not want to compute that.
I will admit, I have had lag with the first one on my xbox 360, but this new one has been lag free. it loads faster, and responses very well. I also was able to transfer songs downloaded in the first game. Plan to play before monday night football starts.
I bought Rocksmith a few years ago when the first edition came out, Xbox360 version. When audio isn't ran through the HDMI cable, the lag is not noticeable.
Realized there was a new player in that market this year, called "Bandfuse: Rock Legends." So I bought it last week instead of the new Rocksmith 2014.
Both games have their pros and cons. I like the UI format and the "ambiance" of Rocksmith, but regarding the way the actual notes/tab progress across the screen, Bandfuse is much easier to interpret. Song selection is comparable on both games. No DLC yet for Bandfuse, but it's in the works.
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