I am the only one who damages his PRS headstocks?

I own 3 PRS I love, but for different reasons everytime I buy one I damage their pointy headstock

I'm the only one?

Seems like i whack lightly most of the time head against music stand a bunch ... couple times a month at least ... usually when i am off balance a bit standing up from sitting down ...

Getting old happens!
You're not the only one. I've had my fair share of idiot marks on my first PRS from a bit of rough-housing when playing, especially in crappy clubs lol.

And to echo a previously mentioned suggestion, Strap Locks are your friend in this case. I personally like the Dunlop dual design locks.
I tend to hit all my guitar headstocks on something because I don't pay attention too well....LOL. When it comes to a good strap that you don't have to modify a guitar, try the Ernie Ball Polylock Guitar Strap. I have not tried with the PRS USA buttons, but I use one on my SE and love it!