I am now a PRS fan boy.


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Sep 11, 2012
After 15 years of playing Fender and Gibson guitars, as well as Orange, Marshall, Fender, and Mesa amps, I have left those "camps" in favor of PRS guitars and amplifiers.

I recently ordered and acquired a PRS Stripped '58 gold top and 2 Channel "H" 1x12 combo. The quality and attention to detail are AMAZING. The tone and feel of my new gear just inspires me to play, play, and play some more. Thank you Paul Reed Smith for helping me to fall in love with music all over again :)

p.s. I know my words are cheesy and cliche, but they are straight from the heart.

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1☩'5 jv5☩ y Ωu. :dontknow:

damn, I was afraid of that...

I hope it's not catching.

Wait. The strange text, the thread about the Zombie Apocalypse... It's becoming clearer...

Hans is a Zombie and is seeking info to develop defensive strategies!
Yeah, what he said - we're just rambling while we wait for pics :)

You guys are hilarious and I appreciate the warm welcome! I will try to snap some pics soon. Working for a living at the moment ;) I also picked up a 2006 CE22 gold top brand "new"! Shipped to Willcutt Guitars in 2006 and never sold until I snagged it. I'm a sucker for gold tops :)
15 years? You are slooooowwww ... Heck I got my first one after 45 years of playing ...

Pictures ... or it didn't happen ...

Welcome to the zoo ...