I’m getting OWNED on TGP!

Never been on TGP before but hearing y'all talk about it reminds me of ye olde UltimateGuitar forums and then my fight-or-flight response kicks in.

Anyone ever been on UG, or been on it lately? Is it still as wretched as I remember?
“On second thoughts let’s not go to TGP, it’s a silly place”;)
It is silly.
There is a lot of knowledge, but it is often buried in a viper pit of sniping.
There is far too much traffic and noise to try to learn who is worth listening to.
I only joined because I thought I might want to sell some gear some day.
Just logged in, went to that thread and posted a bunch of truth bombs on various forbidden subjects. Got banned on my very first post.
Ok, I'm caught up now, what is your screen name there? Or, were your posts already deleted?