Howdy folks


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Aug 6, 2012
New guy here, acutally a new guitarist period. Been taking the Gibson Learn and Master Guitar course for a few months and I'm now convinced I'm actually going to stick with the guitar and put down the mindless shoot-em-up video games permanently.

My licence plate is BIRDEE.
My wife and I met bird watching.

Guitar Center just opened up nearby and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. First thing I saw in there was a PRS Semi-Hollow, then I took a look at the fretboard.


Are you KIDDING ME? WOW!! Never heard of PRS before. So I grabbed it and started playing (what little I do know) and not only does it look amazing, but the action was incredible. And this was the lower-end $650 model (SE?) Anyway I'm all geeked out at this guitar then at a party this weekend the guitar player was using a 20th anniversary edition with the birds in flight neck.

My wife hates me now because I've not been so fixated on something since seeing seeing the skimpy outfits on Dancing With the Stars for the first time. :D

When finances get a bit better, you can bet I'll be getting that first of hopefully many PRS guitars. I will NEVER buy another brand.

See you guys around!

Thinks she hates you now? Just wait till you get hooked on the US made models... Yikes!