How should a singlecut sound compared to my custom 24??


Mar 8, 2013
Hey everyone, hope someone can help me out here...

Maybe 8 years ago I bought my first PRS and got a '94 Custom 24 with HFS & Vintage Bass pickups. Best sounding guitar I have ever played...nice warm, fat tone.

Just a couple weeks ago I bought my next PRS and this time got an '06 20th Anniversary Singlecut Trem with PRS #6 (uncovered) pickups. Now with the singlecut body shape and thickness, it definitly has more wood and is a heavier guitar than the Custom. In terms of sound I was expecting this to have a heavier, thicker, fatter tone than the Custom. To my surprise (and dissapointment) the singlecut actually seems to have less bass and a thinner tone as compared to my Custom. I am using the exact same amp/fx setup as before with no adjustments, so I know the change in sound I'm hearing is all in the guitar.

Was I wrong in thinking the thicker mahogany back should have given me more bass and thick tone? I may try playing with my pickups height adjustment first, but I don't expect too drastic of a change from that.

Does anyone else have experience with the #6 pickups? I am considering changing them out with something else...but I have never changed pickups in a guitar before so I don't know how much of a change in sound to expect. Also wouldn't even know what pickups to go for that would get me closer to the tone I'm looking for. I'm thinking Tremonti pickups right now just going based on that he also uses a singlecut body shape and I like his sound.

So bottom line is I'm trying to figure out if changing pickups could help me or if maybe I just don't like the sound of this guitar and it's wood combination for some reason. I would love to hear what you guys think and what experiences you have had with various pickups and singlecut guitars.
Sounds like you need to go to tremonti pickup to me. Pickups do make a big difference in the sound you are trying to achieve.
I don't know the #6 pickups, so I'm not going to be too big of a help. I will say that the output WILL vary with pickup height. Get them set right and see what you think. Also, do fear a pickup change. It's no big deal, and can have a huge impact, as clcwarlock said.
I had an SC Trem, and it's a little different from the stop tail SC models that are also thicker-bodied. But most importantly, the #6 pickups have always been an issue with that model with a lot of players; I found that I didn't care for them at all when I had mine.

I think if you swap out the pickups for the tone you're seeking, you'll probably like the guitar quite a bit. For vintage tones, I'd go with 57/08s or 59/09s (they're a little hotter). If you prefer high gain stuff, definitely the Tremonti pickups are a good choice, though I personally think the 5x/0x series are more toneful.

You might be able to get the pickups that are in your '94 Custom 24 also, check at the PRS store.

Finally, you can have the PTC install them, and they are not only expert at it, but if you get a setup from them, you will flip. That's all I'm gonna say. Great setups.
Yes, try changing pickups. If you like the HFS/VB combo in your CU24, you could try them. Tremonti bridge makes just about every guitar a fire breathing monster. More vintage? Try 5x/0x.
I have a satin singlecut (stoptail) with #7's in it and they are very nice pickups. i have never personally heard #6 pickups, but at the same time, i have never heard ANYTHING good about them. i have experimented and had the same exact pairs of pickups in my singlecut and my mccarty korina, and to me, the differance was, in the singlecut, it was a deeper tone, but more of a "tunnel-visioned" tone to me, in the mcckorina, they had more of a "open-trebely" sound to them. now , the differance between the singlecut with mahogoney/maple top compareed to korina wood will make a differance also. i dont know if this help's at all. my first suggestion would be to get the #6's out of there!!
Thanks for the advice everyone! Think I'm going to swap out the #6's with 57/08's. Kinda expensive to have PTC do it but I'm not finding these pups anywhere else other than ebay right now.