How much is a gallon of regular gas near you?

5.82 AUD, running at about 1.02 USD at the moment so 5.71 USD.

My car does about 40MPG around town tho, close to 50 on the highway.

I think generally the cost of living is lower in the US, especially PRSes, because that's totally a cost of living!
My Hyundai Genesis runs great on regular gas. $3.79 is the cheapest I've seen, of late...

FINALLY, a plus to being in the Texas Panhandle (other than it being in Texas that is); Gas here is $3.50.

I paid $3.429 yesterday at Sam's Club. There are a few cash-only stations that are down around $3.20.
$8,81 per gallon for regular (Euro95) here in the Netherlands. Mikegarveyblues' price of $9,65/UK Gallon would be around $8.03 per US gallon, so it seems I "win" :(. Ah well, for every liter I put in my tank (at €1,78) I can feel proud to be sponsoring such needy organizations as my country's banking system and the fledgling southern European governments.
Fortunately my Prius gets me 20-23 km/l or or 47-54 mile per gallon (winter/summer).
Wow, 7, 8, 9$ a gallon in Europe... Ouf !!... And I though it was expensive up here....

It averages around 5.30$ a US gallon in Montreal right now.