How Many PRS Guitars Do You Have... compared to all other brands?

2011 cu24
2006 cu22
2000 McCarty
Schecter C-1 plus
2003 Les Paul Classic
1983 G&L Nighthawk
Hog/Maple Body with single humbucker floyd(singer in my band made this one)
Fender acoustic
cort 5 string bass

My intention is to keep buying PRS guitars!
My intention is to keep buying PRS guitars!

Me too. I feel like I need at least one more.
I currently have as many as three guitars I am willing to part with in order to assist with future purchases.
50% at the moment

1x PRS P22
1x Martin GPCPA4 Rosewood

but i do have a bunch of gear coming in early next year, a SE Korina One, a SE Zach Meyers and a SE 30 amp, that will lift my talley nicely.
8 PRS electrics. 1 Gibson (SG Firebrand...first guitar I bought back in 1980 or so), that never gets paid but has sentimental value. 2 Acoustics (Taylor and Martin). 1 Bass (Yamaha).

Of the electrics, the PRS are the only ones that get played, and of the PRS the 3 DGT models get most of the love followed by an HB1.
1 0 0 % PRS.

I've owned high end Ibanez, ESP Custom Shop, Jackson, Brian Moore, Ernie Ball and everything in between over the years and I let them all go.
Around 1/3rd of my stable are PRS instruments. Things change all the time but that's how it stands now...
90% PRS

9 PRS electrics and a Taylor 314CE acoustic (I saw the "CE" and thought it was a PRS, man...) old Ibby Roadstar II MIJ bass which I use for recording, not factored in
In my house I don't count anything that isn't a PRS as a guitar. I do have a bass and an 83 American Std strat that is more of a memento that never leaves the closet.
2011 PRS Stripped 58 - Angry Larry
2000 PRS Custom 22 - Dark Cherry Burst
1985 Takamine GX-100
1993 Jackson Soloist XL Pro
70's Electra Peace Sign Les Paul copy (modified)
Martin Acoustic
Ibanez Acoustic
Stella Acoustic
Harmony Acoustic

Wow… I need a new guitar!
It's been a highly volatile year...

At the beginning of the year it was 1 prs out of 3 total. Couple months in it became 3 out of 5. Then midway through summer 3 out of 7. All of a sudden here recently it's 1 out of 4! Soon to become 2 out of 5... :biggrin:

I have a PRS Amp as well (that's for sale at the moment in case anyone is interested. HXDA and matching Cab... for an incredible price).
I'm 5 out of 11 in electrics--45%

Since they don't make them, I didn't include my lap steels in the count. Still planning the PS lap steel order for somewhere down the line. ;)
]-[ @ n $ 0 |v| a T ! ©;110444 said:
So long as it ain't the one hang in' 2nd from left. I already licked it.


Crap... Now I have to break out the black light... Again!