How many pedals are on your board?

How many pedals do you actually use?

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  • 4-6

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  • WAY more than I like to admit

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Zombie Two, DFZ
Apr 26, 2012
Indy, IN
Many/most of us guitarists have several - if not a metric butt-load - of effects pedals accumulated over the years, but how many do you actually use? And of those, which ones do you regularly use and/or gig?
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Wayyyy too many. This is my board as it is now, which I finished about a month or two ago. I originally built this thing thinking I would have room to expand, and I may have left myself too much room. I know... it's drive pedal overkill. I won the Double Trouble from VS, and put it on my board because "I have room, and I might as well." That's when I knew it was too much!

Don't get me wrong, it's awesome to have this big board sometimes, at our last gig I used almost every pedal on there. But there are a lot of gigs I could play with one drive pedal, my VP, delay and tuner. I need to build a small board for all those times that I don't want to haul this around.

This is pretty much it. They all get used regularly, except the wah only gets used occasionally.

I purged all my unused pedals earlier this year, so all that's left in the bullpen now is an EB volume pedal, Delta Lab overdrive and a Bad Horsie wah.

Hardly any: Tuner (true bypass) - Klone (buffered) - Chorus (true bypass)

I use as few as possible, I like to hear the amp in all its glory. The Klone is there just in case I want a bit more punch, but its mainly used off just for the buffer, which I find very musical.
Here's my home-made board. It's formica with maple edging. The silver 4-button pedal is a true bypass looper, so I can switch the tuner, the delay, and whatever else out of the signal chain (the delay is quiet at normal gain levels, but when the amp's gain is set high, it tends to hiss, so I like to be able to switch it out completely). There's plenty of room for more stuff, but these are the pedals I use most.

I'm in the process of starting over... just sold all of my gear EXCEPT my guitars. Just bought a PRS HX/DA and my pedalboard dream is just starting. This is what I want on it:

Strymon Flint (Reverb and Tremolo)
T-Rex Replica (Delay)
Morley Mark 1 (Mark Tremonti Signature wah)
Keeley Modded Ibanez Tube Screamer (still own this one)
Korg PitchBlack tuner

This is the start of it at least...
This is pretty much it. They all get used regularly, except the wah only gets used occasionally.

I purged all my unused pedals earlier this year, so all that's left in the bullpen now is an EB volume pedal, Delta Lab overdrive and a Bad Horsie wah.


You can mount that Voodoo Lab under a Pedal Train. It fits perfectly.
Yeah, but in the stock central location it caused a lot of extra noise with the wah. One of these days I'll get the nerve to drill new holes and under-mount it in the top left corner. I have some potential changes in mind that would force me to make the room.
I have 11 on the "big" board but don't know if my A/B and true bypass switches count. If not, that would cut it to 9.
I'm not including my wah because I never mount it on the board.

The ones that get used the least is the Cusak Tap-A-Whirl Tremelo and EH .44 mag.
I keep the .44 mag on for a backup amp, sometimes using it on it's own in conjunction with other pedals.
Since I got the Vibe I've been using that for tremelo type effects. It sounds closer to the trem/vibe in my Vox AC-30.

If I find that I am missing something, the tremelo may get swapped in the future.
Even though it seems cool I don't want a bigger board.

Everything else gets used on a regular basis depending on which band I'm playing with.
As of now, I play and gig with four different groups.

I keep a power strip mounted because two effects require AC power and my ISO 5 ran out of outlets.
It's cool because I plug the ISO 5 into it also and have a spare outlet.

All I have is a Boss gt-6 and an Ernie Ball vol. pedal. I need my pedals to be cheap, easy to set up, and easy to replace. I don't use the distortions.
A bunch! :D

I just reworked my Pedals and board for the P22. So I could run the Piezo through the Fishman Aura and the Mag pickups on their own. Added a G50 so I'd still only have ONE cable from me to the board... Little messy at this point - still in work - I won't worry about cleaning up and Zip ties until it's a bit more SET. ;)

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I use quite a few. I tailor my pedal choices and boards to my gigs. This is the latest iteration. I like my amps as clean as possible with all of the grind and gain coming from the pedals. Right now I use a JHS State Line and Wampler Paisley for my main drive, the Mojo Hand Clementine as a solo booster, and the Analog Man Sunbender for my fuzztone.
I have 2 boards. One is a mini made with mini pedals...LOL. this one on the picture:

IMG_0400 por aduayer, no Flickr

very simple, light and easy to carry. this one is my main one, since it sees lots of action. it's a TC mini Polytune, EWS Little Brute Drive, TC Dreamscape and Flashback Dealy (those with the tone print function are a swiss army), Maleko Tremolo and a Xotic EP Booster.

I have another and bigger pedal board, but I am getting rid off some stuff and adding some new one, so I'll post a picture as soon I have it done.

But, I mainly only use it for the tuner, the wah, and a bit of chorus or phaser when needed. Most of of the time I bypass it straight to my PRS 2 channel.
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