How is the Santana Retro different from previous Santana models?


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Jan 4, 2017
Omaha, NE
The title explains it. As I understand it, or I saw it somewhere, the Santana Retro is somewhat different from previous Santana models. I have often professed my confusion here. I tried a Santana at Chicago Music Exchange and the neck somewhat shocked me. Then I tried one somewhat later and the neck wasn't asoffensive.

I tried one yet again yesterday, a 2014, and the neck didn't bother me at all. Maybe I'm growing up?:rolleyes:

I didn't plug it in; I just played it a little bit unplugged. It actually felt really sweet. I'm going back tomorrow, possibly, and spend some quality time with it plugged in.

The specs of this one are:

• Mahogany Body
• Flame Maple 10 top
• Mahogany Neck
• Abalone “Santana” body inlay
• V12 finish
• Santana pickups
• Bird inlays
• New Eagle headstock inlay
• 24.5 scale
• Pattern neck carve
weight 7lbs 8 oz.

It's a charcoal burst. Purdy, Not my favorite but it's cheap enough I could live with it;)

Thoughts on how this would be different from a new Retro?
The Santana Retro’s I have seen lately make it hard to want to buy a used one. And after getting a SSH last year I can attest to the fact that PRS is building better guitars than ever. The only exception to this might be if a Santana Brazillian came around.