How I landed a PRS

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    In short I bought one.

    But the longer version is.. How I discovered PRS, and thus... stumbled to this forum.

    Been playing guitar for 30 years. I started with electric, I devoted 13 years of my adult life working to learning classical also.

    Eventually I 'discovered' Stanley Jordan (way late to the party). His style of playing was mesmerising. I loved it. I had been playing primarily Gibson guitars particularly a LP studio that I had since 1992. However, though I had seen PRS instruments, they were always private stock instruments and no way was I going to afford one of those.

    I had incorporated the touch technique used by jazz players like Jordan & Jimmy Webster. Since Webster is no longer with us, we have Jordan to explain his art. When I had the chance to meet Jordan couple years back he talked about his guitars & their set up. His Travis Bean had an entirely flat fretboard. Same with his Vigier.

    If I believed that a private stock is pricey, an 85 Vigier 6 string with carbon fiber neck and flat fingerboard is impossible.

    Enter the Holcomb PRS. No it doesn't have a flat radius, but you make due with what you can. I went for it. it does have a 20" radius and individual adjustable saddles. Compared to my 12" radius LP, this is much different. And yes for faster playing its all that I could want. I'll never play like Jordan, but that's ok. I'll play like me.

    Luckily for me this model was available second hand, and definitely within my budget for trying out a new guitar. Wonderful, factory pickups. Now, I'm enamored with the guitar. And I'm exploring the world that I had knew of its existence, but never wandered into.

    I've watched the same YT videos of PRS and how his philosophy and work ethic has entered into his making of instruments, I am very glad that I have discovered these incredible instruments.

    Great place to read about other PRS players. Thanks for having me here!
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    Welcome aboard and I'm a big stanley Jordan fan also. Saw him in an intimate setting and still think it's the best performance I have been to. By the way if think this is your only PRS well.......
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    that vigier, the first time i saw it i thought it was alien. like stanley.

    post a vid of some touch playing on the holcomb.

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    Welcome! Congrats on the Holcomb! What a fun guitar. Love that bridge, too.
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    Stanley Jordan is a bad man! Haven't heard much about him in years but I have several of his albums and love his playing.

    Congrats and welcome!

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