How best to make a video of playing guitar - Lessons learned? Process? Equipment?


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Aug 29, 2012
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How best to make a video of playing guitar? - Lessons learned? Process? Equipment?

Could some of you out there that have done it pass along how YOU do it? ;)
I see lots of great stuff out there! :congrats:

What are you using for hardware, software?
Do you do any post processing before posting to the web?
Hosting options you may use other than YouTube?

Should I just go buy a Zoom Q2 and be "done" :laugh:

Discuss :D
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I don't make the most polished videos, but I do have fun with them! I use iMovie to edit. It's very easy to use. Lots of info on the web with tips & tricks. I would also be glad to answer any questions. I use a Canon VIXIA HF R100 camera. Nothing fancy, but it shoots in HD and has an audio input. I use an Behringer Eurorack UB1202FX mixing board. Also very cheap. Right now I use an Audix i5 and a Sennheiser e609 Silver for mic'ing. The Audix is off-axis about an inch or so off the center of the cone & the e609 is on the cone about an inch or so off the grill cloth. I use a Marshall MXL FR-351 lavalier mic for my crazy commentary.
For lighting I use a pair of Bescor LED-95D's and a crazy octopus lamp with a bunch of different colored glass.
I really learn a little more each time I shoot. I'm still having the most trouble with getting the lighting right and mixing the 2 amp mic's.
I just put all mine on YouTube. It's free & unlimited. I don't do any post processing unless it's fixing volume levels. Sometimes my voice is too low or hot.
I hope this answers some of your questions. Feel free to ask me anything & I'll try to help. I'm no expert, but I am getting better.
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