How are the SE Soapbar II's?

I know what you mean - I found this on the wall of a local indie store for $199.00 used - but imperceptibly played - no pick marks on it anywhere. I put an old set of Dimarzion Virtual P90's I had in a drawer in it for quiet operation. It's a great guitar with a great neck that makes the most out of the basic Mahogany Slab formula.
I have an SE sc245 soapbar that is a great guitar. I can’t comment on the stock pickups though. The original owner had already put bare knuckles pickups in it. I think the Nantucket’s. Sounds really good. I may however sell it. I’ve also got a McCarty soapbar, and 594 sc soapbar. So it doesn’t get played as much as it should.
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Looks like I'm late to this thread. I bought an SE Soapy II and later got a McCarty soapbar. The SE sounded better so I sold the McCarty. I have since found another McCarty that edges out the SE but the SE still gets respect. If you haven't already, buy it.