Hot Sauce

Sriracha on Thai or Chinese food. Cholula for Mexican, or for a bit more kick, El Yucateco green. It's bright green, and a little goes a long way. It's made from habaneros, and it'll make your tastebuds scream for mercy and beg for more all at once! I love the Thai chiles in fish sauce they serve in most Thai restaurants, and a good Indian curry will get me every time, especially a nice hot vindaloo.
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I really enjoy hot sauce that adds flavor, not just heat, to a dish. I prefer Mexican-stye hot sauce such as Tapatio and Melinda's.

Any suggestions for a good flavorful sauce?
My long standing fave was always Tabasco. However it's a bit thin I find and I think I like it more cause of the nostalgia.

A few years back I ran across Melinda's and ordered up a variety of bottles from their site to try out. My current fave is their Scotch Bonnet which I find to be the perfect blend of heat and flavor. Next would be the Naga Jolokia or Ghost Pepper which is a bit hotter than the Scotch Bonnet (and currently Melinda's hottest) but really quite flavorful as well and it goes really well with beef I've found.

Check out the selection:
I've tried most of Melinda's offerings including the XXXX Reserve, Red Savina, Habanero ketchup, etc. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

I know most of you will cringe, but in So-Cal having ranch dressing to dip with your pizza is pretty big. Mixing in some Scotch Bonnet Melinda's with the ranch dressing is sublime!
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So I had a couple-two-three pops last night. This morning I felt like havin something a lil greasy to start off the day. So I went to the coffee shop and got a Sausage Egg and Cheese sandwich.

When I got home, I thought "I don't need any hot sauce on this right now. It's got plenty of flavor already."

I took three bites before I went and grabbed the Melinda's Scotch Bonnet...
From earlier this week - my favorite hot wing sauce. Now simply called Killers, formerly Caribbean Killers - heat, but with a nice citrus-y flavor to it.


And yes, that's extra wing sauce for dipping! Tasty (good on their homemade potato chips, too). A couple of the waitresses just give me weird looks because I normally hardly drink anything until the wings are gone.
Best breakfast that requires hot sauces!