Hot Sauce

Franks Red Hot is my number one, Choula my number 2. But just bought a bottle of Dave's Temporary Insanity to try...

My fraternity brother from Buffalo insisted that Franks Red Hot (used to be Durkee's) was essential to Buffalo wings. He did make awesome wings.
I love sriracha, goes on everything. Especially left over pasta the next day!

I love this poster
see link for the rest
Lost Woods Hot Sauce. Made just outside Portland Maine. I discovered it a few years ago while bar hopping in Portland and it has been my staple hot sauce since. Now that I am in Florida, I get a couple of bottles shipped in every now and then to keep the supply up. They ship direct off their website. It's one of those rare sauces that has both good heat and flavor.
TJ's is my regular grocery store, I'll have to try these.

Sriracha is my current go-to for any Mexican or Asian heat and flavor, it works equally well for both. I put Sriracha on my Chipotle burrito bowl and it is heavenly. Anyone ever put it in cottage cheese? I was at a diner the other day and had cottage cheese on the side of my eggs and corned beef hash, and thought, "I wish I had Sriracha". Instead I had Tabasco. Tabasco is terrible, it ruined the cottage cheese. I don't know how anyone likes Tabasco. Every time I eat it I'm reminded why I don't eat it.
you gotta at least try this one....


"This hot sauce is one cat you don't want to mess with. It is NOT for pussycats! Eat this Habanero sauce and you'll wish you had 9 lives. It's the only hot sauce that leaves you scratching! One taste of Mad Cat makes your taste buds roar with approval! This fiery feline is just a whisker hotter than some of its canine cousins because it's made with fresh natural Habanero peppers-one of the hottest peppers in the world. From the folks who gave us "Mad Dog Inferno" and "Habanero 750".

From Massachusetts. "
picked up some sriracha at the grocery store and tried it on some broiled fish last night. Tasty stuff! I like to mix it up, so I'll try some of the other suggestions as well
Sriracha has become a staple in my house, my wife loves it. It's slightly too sweet for my tastes, but still makes for a good everyday sauce. For eggs and Mexican food, I still prefer Chalula.

I noticed a 30 minute, Sriracha doco coming out in September.
I can't do spicy stuff like hot sauces and all of that, so I'm a little jealous of some of you guys. I can just handle the green Tobasco; the red I can take only a few bites, then I'm finished. Having said that, Billy Gibbons came out with a line of hot sauce a year or so ago, and I'd like to have a bottle but I can't find it where I live. I haven't looked online, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere. He also has a booze of some kind too... Tequila I think.

I'm a heat guy, so it's Dave's Total Insanity for me.

+1. Dave's are my "go to" sauces. I always have a pile of their products in my pantry. Get in to some of their "Private Reserve" sauces if you REALLY love the heat.
Blair's also make some nice hot sauces.
I too am a fan of hot flavors but I don't get along with the vinigars thay add in sauces. My solution is to dry Habineros and grind them up seeds and all in a coffee grinder (can no longer be used for coffee), and put the powder in a shaker bottle. Just tap a little out on everything I want. Dried Habies have a woody flavor that is just wondrful.

I have some friends that used to do this in college. They usually wore gloves since the powder can be irritating to the skin. One of them forgot the gloves once and used the bathroom, which resulted in him standing in a cold shower for quite a while, which was hilarious to everyone else. Moral of the story, don't pepper your... well you know. It rhymes with pepper.

I also don't get along with the vinegary sauces. Any suggestions for that kind of taste? There's a Mexican place near me in South Boston that has some of the most rockin hot sauce I've ever had, need to get their recipe.
Cholula's great stuff for straight hot sauce. It's nowhere near as hot as sriracha. I don't like all the vinegary flavor in Tabascos.

Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce is a great sweet-hot condiment.

Canned chipotles in adobo sauce is a terrific ingredient for heat and a rich smoky flavor. Mince one of those chiles up and sautee it into a batch of your favorite Mexican rice or meat dish. Yum!
I love that green Tabasco sauce. So extremely tasty. I first had it at a Chipotle.