Hot pickup for a PRS doublecut?


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Nov 7, 2012
Thanks Lou,

Good to know! My Singlecut has a PRS #7 and Suhr Aldrich in the bridge. This is very thin and nasal in the middle and lower output. Why would that be? There is no splitting on this guitar. It's wired like a traditional LP would be wired. I would think the pickups would work together. I guess PRS wires their pickups in a way that the wires are not like most pickups, Duncan for example, so I guess I have to fplit the magnet or change the wiring. I may just get a Suhr neck pickup. For now I just don't use the middle position.

Interesting what you say about the middle or #3 on the rotary. I feel like I thought it had sort of a single could sound. Can't quite recall, haven't played it in a while.

I read that the Tremonti pickups are designed to work with the 5-way rotary. Yet they are in the Tremonti with a 3-way toggle.
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