Hollowbody piezo w/acoustic simulator?


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Feb 25, 2023
My PRS SE Hollowbody II's piezo out sounds nice into an acoustic amp. I was wondering if it could sound even more acoustic-like with an acoustic simulator pedal in front of the amp. Has anyone here tried it?
The best tone I've gotten with my SE HBII Piezo is a Helix patch setup in parallel with an IR of a Taylor acoustic to a preamp on one path. The other path has an IR of a Collings acoustic to a preamp. I use the merge mixer to fine tune the tone to the track.

It makes for a nice blending texture. My SE Tonare still does the heavy lifting when I need a pure acoustic sound. Been using the HBII for extra shimmer, effects, and "acoustic" leads.
I use a Fishman Platinum Pro for the piezo pickup then DI into the mixer PA (post eq) and line out to my acoustic amp if I’m using that for monitoring instead of IEM. That gives me control of EQ , compression, notch and phase. Plus a boost and tuner. Great pedal.

Works really well and sounds better than straight into the mixer. I power it off my main pedal board power supply. The magnetic pickups go out to the main pedal board and to my amp which is miked up at gigs for a bit of reinforcement.
I use a boss katana for my acoustic sounds with my hbII SE and I do use an acoustic sim effect that it has and to me it really sounds awesome. I’ve had some compliments and questions at gigs on how I get the sound so that’s usually a sign that it doesn’t sound bad. Most people are astonished I can get the kind of natural acoustic sound I get out of a boss katana and prs SE. I would also add an eq and take out the harsh highs and boomy lows associated with piezos
I use the PRS piezo model guitars a lot live. I run my piezo pickup through either a Fishman Aura or a Fly Rig Acoustic and then straight to the mixer. These units are designed to run the piezo pickup from an acoustic guitar in the same manner that I use them on my electric guitar with the piezo pickup. These options sound as good as it gets with a piezo pickup. I prefer the sound of the Aura but I like the options on the Fly Rig. The Aura has an effects loop in it. I can run mini pedals in the loop to give me the options that the Fly Rig gives me but then it is extra pedals.

I also have an FM9 and created a preset that uses a cab block with two acoustic guitar IRs in it. I blend those and it sounds as good as the other two options I have. I bought the FM9 specifically for the option to run both inputs into it and run them in separate signal chains then out to the FOH mixer. This solution works well too.
I recently picked up a SE HB Standard Piezo. I run it into a NUX Optima Air IR pedal with various Gibson, Lowden, Taylor, Martin, and McPherson models. Through a PA or acoustic amp it's quite and improvement.