Hollowbody II Piezo rattling


New Member
Sep 3, 2020
My Core Hollowbody II Piezo has a strange rattling sound on certain frequencies, an unpleasant vibration or resonance that sounds terrible acoustically and is probably impacting the amplified sound as well. After some investigation I isolated it to the battery mechanism. If I pull the battery mechanism out of the body the vibration goes away. If I push the battery mechanism in solidly it seems to go away too. It seems that the mechanism isn’t sitting tight inside the body, causing it to rattle and vibrate. Any advice re how to fix this?
Mine did the exact same thing. It created a muddy sound when clean amped. I finally fixed it by opening the battery compartment in putting my finger in to rearrange the wires very slightly. Problem fixed.
A picture would help but I’ll say could you somehow wrap a very thin piece of foam around either your battery or mechanism and set it back in? I think I understand the issue just cannot quite visualize it. I’m thinking it’s fixable.
The foam wrap was next on my plans once I identified the battery compartment as the source of the low frequency resonance. But just slightly changing the course of the wires totally resolved the issue. It was the battery, the battery holder, or the battery outer cover; it was wires probably resting against the body etc.
I ultimately sold mine because of this issue and bought a P22 and couldn’t be happier