Hmm.. these PRS things are pretty nice!


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Oct 31, 2012
Hi there. Just joined here. Been a member at TGP, sevenstring for a while.

I found a used 2000 PRS CU24 10 top (blue) with birds at a local store and wanted to try it out. So I rented it. My favourite guitar player is Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth so I've been eyeing PRS for a while (my main guitar is a EBMM JP6.) I've tried PRS in the stores and liked em, but never really got one home to fiddle with in my home setup (3 Ch dual rec -> 2x12, or Axe Fx II -> QSC K10)

I must say.. having had this around for a week or so, it's a DAMN fine machine. As expected it looks amazing. I'm very impressed by the playability and tone. I'm not used to a rotary switch for pickup switching though, but I'm mainly a bridge pup guy most of the time. I've got it on rent for a few more weeks, and will hopefully get a chance to try it at band rehearsal. I may eventually buy it. (Am I allowed to ask about price here?)

Last night I also took a quick look at a new PRS SE 245. Hot damn those are pretty nice guitars as far as build and looks go (didn't get a chance to play it.)

Anyhow.. just saying "hi". Some info about me:

41 years old
Toronto area
Mostly listen to metal and prog,but I do dabble in everything.
Band: new rock covers (stuff newer than 1990 or so) .. classic rock NOT ALLOWED. I sing lead and play guitar (mostly rythym, some lead.)
A vid of me playing/singing:

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Welcome. If you stay mostly at bridge it shouldn't be a major issue. You can always replace the rotary knob for a 3 way switch and push/pull tone knob. The PRS pre-wired ready to drop in replacement is available in most dealers.

As said by LS, PRS can become an addiction! You always find another guitar that looks better than the ones you currently have!