History of PRS Guitars

I should go back into the vault and dig up another one

I should go back into the vault and dig up another one
You should rename the thread "PRS from the vault of the month" or if you're on fire "vault relic Wednesday". I could have use an other day but you're busy the end of the week if I well remember :D
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Yes please!!

What's the oldest PS back there?

Paul and Marc (and Andrew), picked up the mantle and started documenting the guitars in the archive room. But time being what it is, they don't get a chance to do it consistently. Here is the video they produced highlighting the first guitars Paul built.

What was the scale length on all of these? Didn’t it start with 24.5 on Santana type early models and then by the CU24 it was 25....

So what were these?

Also would it be possible to get something PS like the SA but not 27 frets just 22/24, I guess a modified “Santana.”

Thanks for any info!
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This has been a great learning tale to follow. I knew there was lots of history, including builds for Carlos, but this is astounding. Lots of work went into this, so thanks big time!