History of PRS Guitars

Thanks a lot Shawn. Now when I'm finished lusting after guitars I won't have in the future on PSF, I can come here and lust after guitars I didn't have in the past.
This thread is awesome...I saw some of the photos in the PSF thread, but the expansion of the material here is, um, I hate to repeat myself...but...awesome!

Please, more. MOAR!

I just want to chime in here with everybody else. Thanks very much for this thread. Amazing! One thing that strikes me, as I'm sure it does a lot of others, is how many of the fundamental features and designs were right on the money from the get go. Sure there have been - and continue to be - refinements, but so many elements have been there all along. Very cool.

Thank you so much for posting those great pieces of PRS history! I saw a photo some years ago of the blue guitar and I kept thinking that it looked like it had more than 24 frets but photo wasn’t so clear. Man I’d love to play that or any one of those guitar.

Bought my first PRS in 1990 and never looked back. The only electrics I use. I even have a Tonare Grand acoustic I can’t put down... sorry Martin. PRS, the Guitars that changed my playing, inspiration, and life in so many ways...... I love learning about the history.
Here is another example from the early '80's.

Santana-style body shape
View attachment 2237

Body carve with a string retainer from a Fender Bass used as a strap button
View attachment 2238

Half a back plate allows access for easy re-stringing
View attachment 2243

Sharper contours on the back of the headstock.
Schaller tuners made in West Germany
View attachment 2239

Early locking tuners. Perhaps the impetus for the Phase II tuners?
Hand crafted roller nut
View attachment 2240

Brazzy board and colorful bird at the 12th fret
View attachment 2241

Just a volume pot and a toggle switch
View attachment 2242
Shawn, can’t believe I’ve only just seen these!

Thanks AP for reviving this thread l, good work!

I love the mineral deposits in the top and the handmade roller nut. That’s some precision luthiery to make that fit into the fret board!
Wow, can’t believe I missed this thread! Super cool. Thanks Shawn. Thanks for the bump so I got to check it out.