Hi all


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Jun 26, 2016
Live in Michigan. Got my first PRS in '98 a CE22. It was used, a road guitar for 2 bands, Papa Vegas and The Verve Pipe. Loved that guitar played it till the frets were worn. Got a new CE 22 in 2005. Love that one as well and still playing it. Really dig acoustics and have a Martin that I had since about 1998-ish, sounds sweeter as the day gets longer.
Enjoy a lot of different styles. Could think of quite a few players I appreciate and admire for their creativity along with ability. I prefer to mainly write rather than to copy what has been done by others. I think music is a gift and I get a lot of satisfaction refining mine. Not quite as good as I want to be, but, having a lot of fun getting there!
Gonna settle in and see you 'round the board.