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Hey Progheads: Yes or Genesis?

Yes for me. I like Genesis enough, but Yes are next level. All those time signatures do things for me like no-one else.

But Tony Banks writes some beautiful stuff.
I'd have to choose Yes. The old Peter Gabriel/Steve Hackett-era Genesis did some great stuff but Yes gets more consistent playtime in my ears.
Someone mentioned Asia when talking about Yes. I really liked Asia back in the early 80's. GTR was a mix of Yes and Genesis and that album was pretty good.
Yes is an easy choice for me. Fragile was listened to a lot back in the late 70s early 80s. At that time, the only Genesis I was aware of was the poppy stuff. I recently went back and listened to their early stuff, and didn't get it. I should probably listen again.

As for Yes, seeing them in the round at the Rosement Horizon on the Union Tour in 1991 is still one of my favorite shows. Round, rotating stage, with current and previous members on stage. So, Howe and Rabin, White and Bruford, Kaye and Wakeman.

Not surprised at this answer. The oldest Genesis I am not a big fan of. Selling England... and Lame Lies down... there are a few songs I "like" nothing I love off either. Then Duke hit while I was in high school and I love that album! Turn it on again is one of my all time favorite songs. Love the whole album, the flow, the songs... some of it mellower than anything I listened to at the time, but I listened to it over and over. And the next few albums after that were big hits with me also. Saw them 3 times during that stretch and they were GREAT in concert!!!

But, the always suffered from a weird curse. Rutherford said that in some ways he regretted that many people only knew the one song off an album that was a radio hit and didn't even realize they were a prog band. But at the same time, the people who heard those songs and bought the albums discovered what they really were and hopefully kept coming back for more. I love them.

That said, with all the lineup changes and all, I've always loved Yes. Now, yes, when you are around that long and put out some "cutting edge" stuff, it may not connect with everyone. I have Yes albums that I only listen to once every few years. And then I have multiple ones that are in the regular rotation because I love them and some of them were made over over 40 years ago, but they never get old.