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Hey Progheads: Yes or Genesis?


Dec 16, 2014
The rockabilly/jazz influences of Steve Howe or the classical and pioneering tapping of Steve Hackett?
Theatrically, the nod goes to the Gabriel-era Genesis but overall, musically, the total body of work gives the win to YES! Come on... Squires, Wakeman, Bruford, Anderson, White, Rabin, and certainly Howe. Just a phenominal set of musicians over the years in that band.
I like more Genesis songs overall. I do really like some Yes as well though.
Yes. “Fragile” is especially such a great record. To hear Rush tell it, they originally got together from their mutual love of playing along with Yes LPs. “Land of Confusion” was a much better track and music video than “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” though, I’ll give Genesis that.
Yes is an easy choice for me. Fragile was listened to a lot back in the late 70s early 80s. At that time, the only Genesis I was aware of was the poppy stuff. I recently went back and listened to their early stuff, and didn't get it. I should probably listen again.

As for Yes, seeing them in the round at the Rosement Horizon on the Union Tour in 1991 is still one of my favorite shows. Round, rotating stage, with current and previous members on stage. So, Howe and Rabin, White and Bruford, Kaye and Wakeman.