Hero's guitar or something of my own? Lifeson VS CSB A10


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Oct 23, 2016
MD Eastern Shore
Yeah so, I've played an Alex Lifeson thinline, but it was a year ago at the PRS event. I currently play this beat up Silvertone that has no serial number, I think my parents payed $70 or so for it years ago. Point being none of the local shops around have them both for me to AB them, or really either of them. I live like a half hour from the factory but I doubt they would have both of them and just let me take my good ole time and play both of em'. So in short, I've got an unidentifiable acoustic dreadnought, and have nowhere to test either guitar. So as far as recording with a mic in a room and making simple Alt music with GarageBand, and doing gigs every now and then, what would be a great solution? I assume the A10 because it gets a deeper sound, but I figured I'd ask the opinions of others as I can't play either to find out. Thanks for any help, and sorry for the long story.

Side note: how does the A10 in the cherry burst look in person? If it isn't that breath taking I'll stick to the tortoise since it'll match my leather jacket. Just curious.
I've got both (well, none-more-black A10). Whatcha wanna know?
I absolutely love the sound of the Lifeson amplified. For your gigging aspirations, I think this would be a good choice. On the purely acoustic side, I think there are better options. So, if you are recording with a condenser, for instance, you might find that the tone is not as full as you might hope. Nevertheless, I am happy to play the Lifson unplugged around the house owing to its playability, intonation, and solid build quality.
I was lucky enough to play the Private Stock Lifeson prototype. Definitely a guitar with a small body acoustic voice, and designed for live use, BUT...

In the right context -- for example, a dense rock mix -- it'd sit very nicely with very little EQ. A bigger bodied guitar sometimes needs to have a pretty big cut in the low end to fit in a mix. Not always, and of course it depends on the guitar.

Just a few thoughts.
I can't really help you with your comparison. I can only tell you my Lifeson is my favorite guitar.