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Jan 13, 2013
Driffield. U.K
I have just aquired a 24 fret neck to go in my home built prs style guitar. The guitar was built for a 22 fret neck. So the problem is the scale length. Do i cut the neck down to 22 frets(easiest option) or do i move the bridge and bridge pickup to get the scale correct ? The new neck is a prs style set neck and the old one is bolt on. I do have some tiger maple veneer (not book matched) on its way so i could plug the holes and reroute then veneer over the top ( hardest option)
Your thoughts please.
Scale length has to do with how far the distance is between the nut and the bridge. It has nothing to do with how many frets the neck has on it. Say the scale length is 25.5" that means the distance between the nut and the bridge is roughly 25.5 inches REGARDLESS of how many frets are on the neck 22, 21, or 24 frets, it doesn't matter. the bridge will still be 25.5 inches from the nut. A 24.75 scale neck has the bridge 24.75 inches from the nut... every time . The difference between the two scales is the distance between the frets.

So you need to measure the distance between frets and determine if it a 25.5 or a 24.75 inch scale neck and then make sure the bridge sits the appropriate distance from the nut. Most just divide the scale length by half and make sure the 12th fret is that distance from the bridge. It's just easier to measure 12.375 inches (half the 24.75) than it is the 24.75 inches accurately. If you don't have a micrometer the easiest way to do it is with a tape measure. Measure from where the strings leave the nut to the center of the 18th fret. If it's pretty much 16" dead on you have a 24.75 inch scale neck. If it's closer to 16 1/2 inches it's a 25.5 inch scale neck. ( technically 16.484 inches but 16 and close to a half will work to determine the scale length)

I am sure I made that clear as mud but at least i tried!

Be sure when you are measuring things it where the string leaves the nut or the string rests on the saddles of the bridge
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I understand all that but the scale length of s 25.5 inch on both necks but the new neck is 24 frets so therefore is longer. This means the bridge is in the wrong position by about 1 inch. So should i move the bridge and pickup or cut the neck off between the 22nd and 23rd fret.
what ever you have to do to make sure the nut is 25.5 inches from the bridge. . I think what i would do put the original neck back on. String it up with the gauge strings you want to use and the intanate the strings. then measure the distance between the nut and the bridge on both E strings. Then take the neck off and make sure the new neck sits so you have really close to those same distances. do what ever has to happen to maintain those measurements, route out the neck pocket, cut off frets, whatever. Make sure to leave room for adjustment if the string gauge changes