Help with Hollowbody Spruce Goldtop

A delayed update on this guitar…

So, apparently, this was one of the “rejects” made of a specific run for Jimmy Herring to choose from years ago. I have no provenance to back this up, but the guy that I traded with is personal friends with a lot of big names (some of whom, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting), so my guess is that it’s probably truthful.

I’ve replaced the knobs with lampshades, but according to the trader, these were custom ebony knobs painted in gold as part of the spec of the limited run through the local dealer that facilitated the order (so, I’m keeping them in the case).

Of course, I really don’t care if any of this is factual or not…I just have come to find out that this guitar is the absolute best that I have for playing a lot of my original pieces that use hybrid picking and could be played on an acoustic or electric, depending on the arrangement.

The neck is basically the perfect in-between electric/acoustic (it feels slightly fatter that a normal wide/fat McCarty - don’t know if that’s a custom ordered spec), and I have been using this guitar a ton for the past 6 months for a lot of pieces that I couldn’t figure out if they should be electric or acoustic.

I have owned over 100 guitars, including many PRSi, and this one won’t get sold, as it really seems to help me determine the “orientation” of where a song should go when I’m unsure. Now I probably just sound like a fanboy, but this instrument has helped guide my music when I’m unsure of the direction more than almost any other that I’ve owned (if that makes any sense).


Oh - and PLEASE BRING BACK MOONS as and option on more guitars. I love them.
That’s pretty cool, and a fantastic guitar
Don't know how I missed this in January, but congrats on this beauty! I look forward to owning a spruce HB myself one day ;~)) Sounds like some fun backstory on this one as well, have you contacted PRS with the S/N to see what they have to say? It may confirm some of what you have heard and maybe more!!!
No, I haven’t contacted them, but that’s a great idea.
I acquired this guitar in a massive trade about two years ago, and I’ve honestly not given it the attention that it deserves. It’s a wonderful instrument, but as I have a lot of guitars, this one has remained a case queen after an initial honeymoon period. I would like to know more about it, but it seems that there isn’t much information out there online. I did find an old Musician’s Friend listing page with the specs, but after clicking on it, the page has seemed to disappear (no idea how that’s possible).

EDIT: Here’s the link

Any help is appreciated…