Help me please!!! two serial numbers?????


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May 14, 2013
  • hello friends of PRS guitars, i neeeeddd help!!!!
    i bought a used prs and find two diferents serial number i think
    one is on back the guitar and the other is on below the bridge pickup
    there is some pictures of that
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Welcome; i can't see your pictures, anyway the serial number is on the back of headstock. You can read some info about your guitar on the PRS site, by finding support/year identification. Bye!
OK, Ok sorry about the pictures in the headstock there is no any number, below the bridge pickup says 711,061 EMERALD GREEN WTRF BIRDS, and in the back no in the headstock, on the body says PRS GUITARS up of this 4711061 has the arm of the guitar screwed, sorry about the english im from mexico
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The last 12 posts in this thread (including those you've deleted) are all from you.

Tell me what you're trying to accomplish so I can help you.

Just to add to what others have said, "4" is the year, "7" means it is a CE model and the serial number is 11,061 in the CE line.