Help me decide :/


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Jun 15, 2020
Hello guys!
I am keeping my beautiful standard 22 ‘01 and decided to add a cu24, so I started to look around and found two models in perfect conditions: cu24 25th anniversary (smoked amber) and cu24 20th anniversary (scarlet red).
I played both and both are great but I can’t choose one over the other. The latter is a little bit more aggressive and, though it has a wide thin neck, it resembles more my standard. The 25th has 57/08 pickups and the 20th has hfs…I play rock and prog metal, I like more aggressive but the 57/08 are incredible too!
Can’t decide..
Color wise I like them both
What would you choose if you were in my shoes? Price-wise there is no difference.

Thanks a lot good people!

No singlecuts in the equation (although if I found a nice one I’d take it)
Then for me it would be the 20th, but it’s your choice. Play them both again at least you won’t buy the wrong one as they both seem to fit your criteria. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
That's a tough call! If the 20th has the "anniversary birds" then it'd be really hard to pass up (those inlays are tasteful yet elegant). But the 57/08 as in that 25th are also fabulous pickups--not just in McCarty models, as typically found, but also in the CU24.

If you're more prog/rock, I think the 20th with HFS/VB might be better suited--especially since it feels closer to your Standard 22.

Remember, too, that both the HFS/VB and 57/08 pickup sets are available as aftermarket replacements from PRS; so whatever guitar you choose, you could always go the other direction with the pickups. For me, it'd be the Scarlet Red 20th and then I'd maybe swap pickups to 57/08. (But the more aggressive HFS might suit you better, anyway.)
Yes, the inlays are the 20th ann.ones (two birds in the 12th fret). Another detail is the rosewood headstock in the 25th
I have an 06 CU24, Whale Blue, that has the HFS, VB combo in it. I like the pickups in that guitar. I found them to be pretty versatile. I also have the rotary selector in mine. They are nice guitars although my CU24 sees much less action than my other guitars. It has spent most of it's life in the case. I am just not that much of a 24 fret player.
I'd lean towards the HFS also ... but I do love the HFS. In addition to the stock HFS/VB combo in my'92 CU24, I have put an HFS into the bridge of my '08 Mira and I am considering HFS/VB upgrade for my SE CU24.
I will try the 2 guitars again on Saturday...hope I will end my quest and get one of these beauties :D The HFS one has a nice flamed top, whereas the 57/08 has a tasty wood grain, mildly flamed
I have an '06 Cu24AP with HFS/VBs and a 5-way, and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I know that pickup set can be a bit polarizing, but once you really get to know their nuances, they're quite versatile and easy to shape. I don't even play anything heavy, but can conjure a thick, bluesy sound out of them with ease, and dare I say, even a great jazzy tone from the neck! :oops:
Update: didn't really have the time these days and the 20th is I have to "choose" between:
CU24 25th anniversary (57/08)

and a Custom 24 2004 (no rotary switch - hfs/Vb) found on Reverb


There is also this 25th anniversary but I a little sceptical about the color (plays great tho..)

I can't try the reverb one, but it is a good deal and the overall conditions are very good.

So...yes still got to decide :D