Help me choose?????


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Apr 1, 2021
I am going to buy my first PRS. I can't afford the Core lineup so I am looking at either of these:

-CE 24 Semi-Hollowbody

-PRS S2 Custom 24

I don't know much about the differences between the two.
Thank you so much,
Never Choose !

Buy Both ! :)

Truthfully, , you would love either, so the unfortunate truth is you eventually gotta have both ... Then a Hollowbody then one of the new special jobbies just introduced, then a Mira or Starla or go Commie (Non PRS) and get a G & L ASAT ... designed by the dude that started it all ... Sigh ... :oops:
Wow. Ok. So we like the CE. Anyone have specific details as to why the CE is better?
Can’t go wrong with either...I’d lean toward the CE.
I have an S2 Custom 24. Very fine instrument. Most people here might vote for the CE because it has USA-made pickups (and other electronics), whereas the S2 line has mostly imported pickups. (I think)
Yup. Agree with @Henry2. CE materials and workmanship is sourced in the US. S2 materials are outsourced internationally and use imported parts. S2s are put together in the US with US labor, but you may find that pickups and parts sound different than core ones, like the ones on a CE24.

If you have no leanings towards either CE or S2 because of where the parts originate, your ears will be your friends. It'll be entirely be the difference between knowing and not knowing. If it is possible to test drive them both, or A/B them, even better, you can choose for yourself. I sincerely think you'll be happier making your own choice instead of someone else doing it for you.
I’m playing devils advocate, I know. But if it’s a 35th Anniversary model, you get mini toggles and those little switches make your guitar even more versatile.