Ugly headstocks are the biggest turn offs I see on a guitar. The body, color, top can be amazing but if it has an ugly headstock everything is ruined. To me they look like home build, cheap guitars even if they are not.

Deep inside I feel that having a very good headstock shape is part of the secret of successful and lasting guitar brands.

To me the balance of the PRS headstock along with the body shape/carve of the Customs are an amazing work of art. No matter the finish they always look like high quality, classy real guitars.
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Here's a headstock that's a bit different. Not sure if I love it, or hate it. It's a nice guitar though....my Knaggs Severn. Shortly prior to leaving PRS Inc. as the Head Honcho of the Private Stock team, Joe made a few of these models. I believe they were referred to as the "Chesapeake Series" of Private Stocks. They went down like the proverbial Led Zeppelin. Paul never co-signed the PRS versions, so I guess he disavowed any connection to them.

has obviously replicated this design for his "Severn" series....this one is mine




I like that Severn, Bennett. It's unusual to say the least, but it's well-executed and actually very cool looking.