HBII pickup suggestions


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Apr 27, 2012
Hi guys I am after some advice, despite trying to love my HBII it always seemed somewhat blah compared to my other PRSi (its a piezo version) in the end I decided to try a set of RPs I had lying arround (sound great in my ME1s) seem decidedly ordinary in my HBII, so my question is what do yo find works in HBII for you. I would like to try 5x range pickups but the only ones I have are in my PS SC-58 and I am loath to mess with it and 5x pickups for sale are like hens teeth over here in the UK so any ideas?
I have a HBII /piezo. I thought the same thing about the archtop pickups in mine. Then I put a boost pedal inthe signal chain and really brought the pickups to life. There are certain amps I can play the HBII through and she sounds great without the boost and there are some that sound blah. The HBII is a great sounding guitar, but she needs the right amp and may need a boost pedal.

Another thing I find is that when playing clean on the neck pickup with some piezo mixed in is just about a perfect clean tone. For dirt thought, bridge pickup, boost and OD...no piezo.
That's the reason One of mine has Tom Holmes, and the other has Gibby 69 Patent number black label !

NIGHT AND DAY in each case ! More modern sounds with the Tom Holmes BUT NOT too much for a Hollowbody. And of course the 69 Gibby are perfect for those Es335 sounds ( thinks Larry Carlton,
Lee Ritenour, Robben Ford ... ... )

Expensive pups ?! ... are going to put cheap tires on your Ferrari ???!!!

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