Hazy finish?


Jul 27, 2012
Florida Suncoast
Hi all,

I posted this some time ago back on Birds and Moons, but nobody seemed to have an answer. I figure since we have Shaun and co. and some different faces around here, I'll present it for a look.

Below is a shot of my 2002 HBII. The finish has started getting hazy on the back, following along the carve. It doesn't photograph well, but it's sort of like an eye with glaucoma and clouding over. The section in the photo also has hairline cracks, but they can't be felt. Anybody seen a similar issue? Know what could've caused it?

It's not a result of physical trauma; there are no dings in the affected areas. Plus it's only on the back, not on the top. Maybe that piece of maple isn't being nice? Or the finish reacted to the inside of the case?

Back of the upper bout:
Nah, haven't bothered so far. It's not really a big deal (yet, don't know if it'll get worse over time), more of a curiosity. I don't expect it would be a warranty claim, and I wouldn't want it refinished anyway, unless it was absolutely necessary.
See? Then you get the oddballs like me...the finish on my goldtop won't breakdown or turn green or NUTHIN'!

Easy fix. Just take a rope, tie it to your bumper, and drag it down a dirt or gravel road for a few miles. Voila! Instant relic!

Not saying that it will, you know, actually play well after this treatment... ;)
HA! Better yet there's always duct tape......ain't nothing a little "Kentucky Chrome can't fix"!!!!!