having fun with the Family Doctor..


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Oct 15, 2012
pensacola FL
Step One....Get out any large white pages phone book and pick out an a Polysyllabic surname like Grindersnart.

Step Two...use same and pick out monosyllabilic surname like "Smoot"

Step Three now Hyphenate and add the word syndrome...

Tell the Doctor that you have "Grindersnart-Smoot" Syndrome.. He WONT say there is no such thing.. he will scribble furiously and then order tests.

Have fun!:laugh:
All of us Grindersnart-Smoot Syndrome sufferers are going to be very angry if you keep making fun of us.

And you don't want that to happen, because Grindersnart-Smoot Syndrome is highly contagious. And no one wants maggots coming out of their ears.

Well, most people don't, anyway.
Schef.....i am going have a huge bodily evacuation if there is a group of angry moms tearing up my yard tomorrow..And Nancy Grace is there.