Have you guys seen the Reclaimed CE and Semi Hollow Vela?

Woo-hoo!! Mine is being shipped out today!
And it's not even 2018 yet....:p



...I really hope it turns out to be all it's "cracked up" to be... :D

I'll know by next weekend!
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Seems to be a lot of traffic on the Vela model recently, any news on the pending CE24 models ?
It does! Fun guitar. Feels great too!


No, it doesn't.

It feels awful. It sounds awful. It looks awful. And it needs to be with a person who can't play, doesn't understand music theory, fails at scale runs, and has no rhythm.

I'll pm you my address, and will cover shipping fees.

You're welcome.

I was playing some slide on mine last night - and I never play slide, but one of the our new songs (still in arrangement stage) sounds like it needs a slide guitar lead, and I think I've got something down that pretty good!

Funny, bought my RL Vela ostensibly for alternate tunings and slide work. Just seems born for it?