Have you ever been GIVEN a guitar?


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Aug 29, 2012
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Seemed like a good follow up to Danerada's topic...

I’ve been given two over the years. :D

One as a kid by a friend of the family something like 35 years ago. A nice little Yamaha nylon string that I still have today! The folks that gave it to me have passed. I still pull it out and play it from time to time and remember... I’ve loaned it a couple of times but I don’t really want to give it up. ;)

The second is an old Ibanez Blazer Strat that was given to me by a Fellow Jumpmaster. We were both AFF jumpmasters teaching skydiving at a Drop zone in California. It was my weekend job at the time but it was his only gig... He was a great guy and joy to be around, but had some demons. He hopped a Twin Otter that had been sold to a DZ in Florida with what he could carry in a couple of gear bags. I walked out to my car that night and found the guitar in the front seat with a note asking me to look after it for the next 20 years or so.... I later learned that the Heroin took his life. I still have the guitar. :cool:
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A cousin of mine gave me an old nylon string classical that I started guitar with, when I was 10. That one unfortunately broke during an earthquake, when it fell off the shelf I have (foolishly) put it.
The second one was given to me last year by an other family member, retired musician, a Japanese1986 Fender contemporary Strat with a factory kahler trem.
Crappy phone pic.
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My dad gave me my first when I was four.......a three quarter size nylon string so he could teach me flamenco like he played.......I stupidly rebelled and gave up quickly, wish I hadn't..........I would have had 15 more years of it under my belt at a time when it would have counted a lot.
Yup. I brought a knockaround acoustic a few years back and then got offered my girlfriends sisters cheap Yamaha a week later.

My brother gave me his no name guitar. Unplayable for now. He was going to chuck it but I wanted to see if I could sort it but haven't got round to it.
My first acoustic was really my brother's (I started playing it at age 12)
Then my parents gave me my first electric stratocaster for my 14th birthday ("Encore" guitar for about 200 dollars)... I gave that guitar to a friend years later...
Then I've got heavily modded and painted acoustic from my girlfriend when I was 16 (I never really played that one)
And finally the Fender acoustic given by my parents when I was 17 (again for about 200 dollars, I still play it)

Also there was a vintage bass guitar with the value of 100 dollars, again by my parents (you have no idea how frustrating is to play a really bad instrument)... I passed it on as well...

My first really good guitar was the Tremonti SE, which I bought at age 24 and actually had to take a bank loan for that guitar (and amp and distoriton pedal) :D
My father purchased a lot of different gear for me when I was in middle school/grade school. He really did everything possible to get me what I needed when I first started playing. I couldn't be more appreciative of everything he did for me in that respect. The downside is that I got GAS very early on. The incurable disease started right away with me.
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Still have 'em? :rofl: :vroam:

BASTID!!! Nope, I sold them both to fund purchases of OTHER PRS guitars...not ALL of us are given Private Stock guitars... :p
PRSh gave me one last year in exchange for a raffle ticket (which i had previously stolen from Andy)
Yep, got me one from Stevensville too and still have it..............................

My soon to be ex gave me 2. A Fender John Jorgenson Hellecaster as a wedding gift & a Danelectro for Christmas. I still have both. Well....the guitars anyway....
...not ALL of us are given [EDIT] guitars... :p

Hmm, it seems to me, given the right raffle ticket(s), this statement might actually be true. :rolleyes:

Otherwise, my parents gave me a 1971 ES-335 for high school graduation (at the time, it was only 11 years old) and my wife gave me my Custom 24 for Christmas back in 2001. They'll have to pry those 2 guitars from my cold dead fingers.
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When I was in college, my Dad gave me the Guild D44 he bought before I was born. Love that guitar. I used to open the case, turn all the tuning pegs, drop coins in the sound hole and then close the case back up. I guess I deserved it.