Hard To Port - Mustang Run (my band's new album!)

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    Hi folks,

    My band Hard To Port has just released our second album, Mustang Run. There are four songwriters/vocalists in the band, plus we do a couple of trad-Irish medleys, so the music is fairly varied while still within the range of what we call "Celtic Fusion".

    Have a listen to the 30 sec previews here of all 16 tracks:


    Still in discussions with the rest of the band whether a couple of tracks should be full-length previews, just to give a bit more of a taste. We did that eventually for our first album, Transhumance.

    Hope you enjoy listening!

    It is available as physical CD or digital download, if you like it enough!

    EDIT: Oh yeah, and this is full of my PRS guitars: SE Kingfisher bass, SE Angelus Custom acoustic, P24, RL SH Vela, P245SH, and 305, I think.
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