Happy Holidays 2021-2022

Moondog Wily

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Feb 12, 2021
Piccolomini Crater, Luna
Seems like an eternity, and I have only been here 11 months! Great getting to know y'all and I hope everyone has a fabulous 2022!! Below is a version (non print version) of the Holiday card I have created for this year (been making one every year since 1996 so this is the 25th anniversary for my card)!!! As you will see, it has a theme from a popular movie, so be sure to use Yoda voice in head or out loud when reading the poem!!!! And keep in mind, the closing crawl is fiction, just like this movie!!!!! All in good fun ;~))



EDIT: PM me if you would like a link to my holiday parody song "Jingle Hell". Not going to post here due to rules ;~))
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That's impressive MW!
Thanks Daryl! All in good fun of course!! I had writers block this year!!! I usually bang them out in about 5 minutes, but this one took me upwards of 30, and my girl rejected the first poem!!!! Here is that first rendition:

Oh my
A whole year of this
Every day tasks
Killed by Covids kiss

We all learned a lot
Turned on each other
Cuz got shot or not

Oh hell
Gettin’ hot up here
Prayin’ freeze over
Is drawing near

Oh well
Let us please move on
And live again lives
That seem oh so far gone

Happy Holidays to you and yours Mr. Daryl!!!