Happy Birthday to me!


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Jan 21, 2015
Suburban Chicago
My birthday was earlier this week, and since it was a milestone birthday, I decided I should treat myself. Especially having just sold a couple of things. My only criteria; I had to stick to my budget...sub $2k. Last week Thursday (6/29) I missed a text from Sergio. Of course, he was dangling temptation in front of me! It was sweet, but outside of my self imposed budget. I texted back early Friday morning, like 5:00 AM early, and he responded. I don't think the dude sleeps! Anyway, I said thanks, but too much. Let him know I was looking to treat myself, but it had to be under $2k. Five minutes later he sends the link to a Reverb listing. It's cool as f@ck, and under my limit! So, at 5:17 AM I find myself left clicking the "Add to Cart" button. It was in St. Louis, and FedEx Ground from St. Louis to Chicago is a day. Saturday afternoon this baby showed up, 2008 KL-33. Not much to look at in the way of fancy, but it oozes attitude when ya plug her in! Diggin' the moons! Thanks, Sergio!





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Happy happy!!

I love the look's of these! They kinda change from "meh" to Bangin'! depending on the light or the angle it's viewed at. Not to mention they're (well mine is) some of the best sounding guitars PRS has ever made.

Glad you got it, now there are just 98 more out there I gotta track down.
Happy 75th birthday, Jimbo! :D Careful you don't break a hip strapping on that beauty.