Hans' Stash: Baltimore Sun (28 November 1982)


Zombie Zero, DFZ
Aug 1, 1985
As I mentioned in [this thread] and [this thread], I have a stash of old PRS photos and videos that I've come across over the years. Maybe you've already seen most of this stuff. Maybe you haven't. Maybe what I have came from you. Who knows. No sense letting it all sit on a hard-drive when we can enjoy it and discuss it. If you enjoy this kind of stuff and want more, let me know.

Swing-over to Bodia's recent thread [link] and check-out the video Paul Smith and Marc Quigley just published. When you get to the 4:13 mark, you'll see what is arguably one of the most widely used images of Paul's early guitar-making years. I used to own the original photographs. I purchased them from the Baltimore Sun Magazine. They were originally taken on the 28th of November, 1982 (shown here). Both of these photos were given to their rightful owner, Paul.

This was page 52 & 53. That caption read "Mr. Smith's shop is used for final assembly. The basic woordworking is done elsewhere." According to the notes on the back of the photo, this guitar belonged to Carlos.


Taken on the same day was this image. It was shown on page 30. This sweet double-neck was made for Carlos and spent some time with another famous owner... @markie.