HairlineCracks in SE245 neck?

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    Dec 19, 2017
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    Alright so some info:
    • I got a 2017 SE245 model in June
    • I inspect my guitar and clean it after every use
    • I havent played in about 2 days, and noticed 2 small, hard to capture on a camera cracks. One runs along the heel, where Id imagine the neck meets the body. The other is under the fingerboard (Around the 20th-22nd fret). Both are on the bass side of the neck.
    • Lately the temperature has been fluctuating from very hot to very cold.
    • Right now it sits in a gigbag with neck support from its shipping box until a SKB case comes next month.

    My main worry is will this be an issue. I've got a warranty for damages through guitar center (Not my idea) incase PRS doesn't due anything for this sorta thing. But I hear mixed things about cracks like this.

    Here is the only crack that shows up.

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