Had to say goodbye......

So sorry for your loss Bodia.

He gave you 16 great years, so at least you have great memories.

Only time will heal the hurt.

Take care and be safe.
Deepest condolences bud. Rough for sure. I've been there too and my heart goes out to you.

RIP Ginger.
Losing a dog was terrible for me. They really are like your infinitely loyal, but more mature 4 year old kid that always forgives you in an instant and wants to be with you always. When my first two pugs got old it was incredibly tough.

I'm not sure we would have gotten any more but we were lucky because our original pugs were bought from a crazy pug lady out in the sticks, 14 years later, a couple of months after Braveheart passed on we couldn't remember the lady but searched online and made a guess by a photo of her gate with a pug crossing. She had stopped breeding them a couple of months later a pair of randy pugs (one of them called Secret Agent Man) had a litter of 4. One was frail and didn't survive long. We met them all at 2 weeks, before they opened their eyes and then visited them every other week. We originally only wanted two, but the lady pretended to not hear us or acknowledge it in our email. So when the day came and we had to choose we just took all three. All her pugs are related and 7 years later we can see bits of Winston and Braveheart in all of them.

I am not sure we would have gotten more dogs, it was heart wrenching losing our first. But getting those three just felt like keeping our original dogs kids.

Got to love dogs. Amazing buddies :)