Guitars For Kids


Zombie Zero, DFZ
Aug 1, 1985
You know what would be way cool? A 3/4 scale PRS!

Until then, she'll just have to grow into this '86 pre-standard.

Let's see the PRS guitars you have acquired for your children!

I would be jealous but your daughter is literally the nicest little girl ever. She deserves poppa Hans' princess treatment! haha
Not a PRS, but had this made for my son for his 4th birthday. That was 22 years ago, it's actually aged pretty well, the pic is recent. I gave him a CU22 Soapbar when he was 14, but this guitar in the picture was a true kid's guitar, not an adult's guitar:


He took to it pretty he's playing something a little bigger- but similar - opening for 30 Seconds to Mars last spring (he's second from left). This past fall/winter he toured Europe working with 30 STM:

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I have a Baby Taylor around somewhere that my Girls played when they were littler...

Don't have a pic, but (go ahead start laughing) got my son a first act when he was 4 (he lilked the big skull and skull fret markers) and the thing won't even get in tune, let alone stay in tune. I think I paid $35 for it, what a waste.
If the '86 weren't too big for her, my munchkin would absolutely play it. For now, she's stuck with this piece of sh1t.

My grandson is the current owner of the mini-strat. He was really excited about it! However, we're still working on How To Hold The Guitar, Lesson One...


It's great to see the kids in this thread, more so than the guitars!
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Was he stoked when you gave him the guitar, Ang? Or, like my kid, has it even registered?

Nah, he just thinks he's playing "dad's guitar"....even though I've told him it's his. He has a mini-strat too which he mostly plays because it's smaller and easier for him to handle.