Guitar Lessons (Requests?)


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Apr 30, 2012
Warrington, Nr Liverpool UK
OK, so I've done a few lessons in the past on my Y'tube but I haven't for a while and I want to get back into it.

I'll be starting with the solo to Kid Charlamagne. I've spent a bit of time on that so I have no wish to waste it. After that it's the solo to Time off Dark Side.

I'm looking out for any requests. I'm a guitarist in the classic rock / blues vein so advanced jazz, classical or shred stuff is not really something i'm likely to entertain.

These lessons also take a lot of time to do so I can't make any promises on what I'll do or how long it'll take.

I'd also love to see more people take on these things if they have the time and skills.

Lets share what we know folks! Doesn't even have to be a vid or a known song.
Very cool of you to do this Mike.
Do you do any for Stone Temple Pilots such as sextypething and plush?

What about Alice In Chains Your Decision.

I have been working on all three.
Hey Corey... I don't know them but i'm willing to take a look.

What I usually do is |I take a segment of a song for a lesson. So I may do the rhythm guitars as a lesson and solo as another.
Mike, here are the same songs, but much better versions.
The first one was from a 2010 Chicago concert that I just saw on the Palladia channel about three weeks back which inspired me to buy a slew of their MP3s, and also to try and learn the two songs.

I have the tab for both songs and have watched some "how to" vids on YouTube, but it is always nice to see fresh vids on how to play, and especially with a PRS :D
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Here is another one Mike.
No More Mr Nice Guy from Alice Cooper.
I dig about anything from AC.
I looked a few how to vids up and I enjoy most of Andy's vids from down in Oregon.

I have most of the chords covered by viewing his video, but the very first intro to the song he does not list what chords he is using.
They recently have been giving lessons at their YouTube channel along with an advertisement for what type of pedal to get the sound with.
Before it was just pedal demos, kind of nice how they have integrated lessons as well.

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On my Droid now Mike, but check out the new one they put up today.
Thin Lizzy's The boys are back in town.
Another one I have to learn.

Here is is, home now on a PC.

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