Guitar Guys: An Exposé


Zombie Zero, DFZ
Aug 1, 1985
What is a "Guitar Guy"?

What typifies a Guitar Guy?

What are the tell-tale signs people can look for to know if they might be a Guitar Guy?

Are YOU a Guitar Guy?
-Being able to Remember an old guitar magazine cover you bought 25 years ago?

-Your home key is a "guitar key"!

-You thought about naming the young one: McCarty

-You use a guitar gig bag has your everyday briefcase.

-You prefer instrumental music - preferrably string instruments

-You have a bracelet and a neckless made of a Flat Wound 0.52 D'Addario strings

-You have one of those Marsall refridgerator

-You wake up at night to check the neck relief of your guitars

-The only things hanging on your walls are... guitars

-The christmas tree always have this funny guitar shape.
You will have one guitar that show more wear than the others.

You play your guitar during tv commercials along with the commercial music.
man, I just saw myself in all those things.
can I add... you will have no car but more then US$20.000,00 in guitars, amps and effects?
you will travel all the way from Brazil to Maryland just to hang out with other guys that share the same kind of passion
every time your wife try to see the screen of your computer all she sees is a gorgeous maple top
If you see a guitar in front of you and you have to pick it up - no matter if it is a beater or a spanking new tarted up beauty - you are probably a guitar guy,
You play your guitar during tv commercials along with the commercial music.

LOl, +1!

When you carry a pick in your pocket at all times.... Even if you know there's 0% chance of being near a guitar!

When you look into guitar store windows the same way a woman looks at a shoe store window.

When considering a new house, how many guitars it will hold is a top priority.

-When you post an ad to sell your car, you always unconsciously offer the possibility of cash or an exchange for a guitar.

-When you carry another pick in your wallet just in case you lose the first one in your pocket.... "Even if you know there's 0% chance of being near a guitar!"

-When you wonder which one of your guitars you will introduce first to your new girlfriend.

LOL - Just too funny !!!
- When the answer to, "You're going to have to choose between me, and those guitars!" is, "How soon do you think you can get your stuff out of the closet so I have more room for guitar stuff?"

- When you humidify your guitar room instead of the bedroom in winter.

- When your wife leaves you ask, "When are you coming back?" so you can sneak some gear into the house while she's gone.

- When your idea of a great vacation is staying home for a couple of weeks so you can play your guitars the whole time.
Im addicted to guitars.Need to play every day.The most fun thing in the world i can think of is playing guitar.
When you travel you get on the net to search out local guitar shops just in case there is some free time. Then you do what ever is necessary to assure you have free time.
If the only people in your life who will listen to you talk about guitars are found on the internet..........
The top ten things that say, "You just might be a guitar guy"

10) House and related keys have plastic guitar inserts to identify which key is which

9) UPS and Fed Ex delivery men know where to hide your boxes and leave them there for you when you're not home....even thought the shipment says "signature required"

8) The only spreadsheets on your computer list your gear

7) Your DVD collection consists mostly of books titled "Shred like Vai" with little plastic inserts in the back where the related DVD is stored

6) You have a large book even collect signed 1st editions...yet the only books you ever open up have titles like "Learn the Blues like B. B. King"

5) Your basement has absolutely no square inches of space left to hang your guitar related ephemera and memorabilia

4) Your closest personal friends are your PRS dealer, your guitar tech, and your amp technician....and they are all on speed dial

3) The first thing you do when you wake up, or get to to check your forum messages and catch up on forum threads.

2) during work, you get upset whenever you have a project that takes you away from an interesting guitar thread that you want to contribute to.

And, last but not least...the #1 thing that indicates you may be a guitar guy.....

10) You have a pedal board designed for your basement playing. A 2nd, lesser pedal board, for one of the upstairs rooms, and a 3rd pedal board set up permanently for when you need to be mobile.

If you related to any of the above just may be a guitar guy too!
You're a member of a forum where in a few days a thread on picks grows to three pages and includes pictures.
I think you are a 'Guitar Guy' when ever everyone who isn't a guitarist knows that as the 1st thing about you...... When everyone chooses that for the theme for any gift..... Maybe you are reading this in the guitar PJs you mom got you for XMas..... Maybe you just had a guitar cake for you surprise 40th birthday party.....

Here is an example.... Just before I went to NAMM my BBQ spatula died...... Look what Sarah ordered for me when I got home...